English Language Classes

DISCOVERY CREW, a platform that fosters education, introduces English class to prepare you for the personal growth and professional development. It also gives a boost and an extra edge for school and college students, job seekers and abroad study planners. Get a top class English course with British Council certified teachers and continue to fulfill your education and professional dreams, because ‘Your Dreams And Aspirations Matter’. Course for students, job holders, self-developers has been modeled as per the requirement. Meet the facilitators who are professionally sound and well-rehearsed who shall shape and fine tune the English language of yours.

  • Continuous practice and assessment on all four aspects- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Pronunciation for Spoken Language
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Skills
  • Presentation and its styles, maintaining composure, use of pauses etc. (Focused for work groups)
  • Mockup and Exams held regularly
Japanese Language Classes

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is a standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers, covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability. Our trained Japanese language teachers provide lessons focused on preparing you for the JLPT exam. Our lessons offer both quality and value for money.  Get your knowledge and skill enhanced in terms of Japanese language. Learn Japanese fluently from certified trainers and become proficient for better opportunity! At Discovery Education, N1-N5 level Japanese language classes are available. Apply now to try out one of our JLPT group classes.

EPS based classes
Basic Korean Language classes

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Korean Language Classes

Whether you are planning to go to Korean for your higher education or in a work visa, Korean Language skill is the most. Learn Korean Language with the language experts of Discovery Education and grow your career! We have modeled the language classes according to your requirement. Be it for learning or EPS based, we are a reliable source. Our pool of teachers will serve you best in terms of teaching Korean Language and shape you to work outside. We have practical based learning approach with real conversation, scenarios and simulation that arises in real world scenario. Build your confidence in Korean Language with the experts of Discovery Education! The Employment Permit System (EPS) allows employers who have failed to hire local workforce, to legally employ foreign workers. We offer below two types of Korean Language classes:

EPS based classes
Basic Korean Language classes

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Nepali Language Classes

Hello foreigners out there! Are you planning to visit Nepal or already arrived to this beautiful place of Himalayas and country of multiple cultural blends? Excited to visit places? How about you get some basic knowledge on Nepalese language so you can experience the visit even more closely and heartily! Our experienced team will provide you a good practical and necessary knowledge in terms of Nepali Language to make your stay and experience even better.

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